former(ish) web developer | writer (technical, creative) | editor | translator

I have extensive experience in technology, particularly web development, and have worked as both as a developer and technology instructor. In the past several years, I have developed primarily in WordPress.

While my focus is no longer web development, my knowledge and skills are an asset in the field of tech writing and web content writing. [ more… ]

I have been writing for as long as I could pick up a pencil. I have taken a number of literature, composition, and creative writing classes as well as creating my first blog sixteen years ago. Having dabbled in tech writing off and on throughout my web career, I recently decided to refine this skill by completing the Technical Writing certificate through Bellevue College Continuing Education. [ more… ]

Languages are my passion, my favorite hobby, and a huge part of my life. Since I was a child, I have dreamt of being multilingual. Spanish and French are my two most familiar languages, both of which I’ve studied off and on for roughly twenty years – mostly “off” until I decided to become proficient in each by studying further at the University of Washington. [ more… ]

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Nikki | 10, October

1 What is your idea of perfect happiness? Being cozied up on the couch on a rainy, Autumn,

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les mélodies pour mardi
Nikki | 11, September

Ici une nouvelle liste de chansons, je l’ai finalisé ce matin et j’écoute depuis le matin et toute

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B.A. Comparative History of Ideas

University of Washington

3.88 GPA, Golden Key Honor Society, Magna Cum Laude
Undergrad senior thesis: examining privilege and freedom of mobility through the concept of the flâneur
Honors Study Abroad (Summer A Term) in Berlin


for transfer, A.A.S

Bellevue College

4.0 GPA, Honor Society
Concentration: math + science (chemistry, biology) prerequisite coursework for the purpose of applying to UW

Certifications, etc:
University of Washington Professional and Continuing Education
Editing (Sept 2018-Sept 2019)

Bellevue College
Translation Certification, focus language: French (Sept 2018-June 2019)
Technical Writing (July – Oct 2018)

Oxford TEFL Prague Trinity Certificate in TESOL (May 2004)

Notable courses:
◊  Psychology: Biopsychology, Behavior Disorders
◊  City of the Future (a class which examined eco-cities, future of work, security, globalization, logistics, and technology through a multidisciplinary approach)
◊  Arabic, French, Spanish
◊  Language Conflict and Identity in the Middle East and North Africa
◊  Anthropology: Immigration, Displacement, and Return
◊  Study Abroad, Berlin: Negotiating Identities and Mediating Community in Berlin, Germany

todo sobre yo: en español

Siempre me han encantado las lenguas mundiales y aprender lenguas. Inglés es mi lengua materna y español es mi primera lengua extranjera. También, aprendí un poco de checo cuando viví en Praga durante 3 años. El verano pasado viajé a Alemania durante un mes – aprendí el alemán antes y durante este viaje pero estoy solo en nivel “A1” o “A2”. Además estudié el árabe el año pasado en la universidad. Ahora estoy aprendiendo el francés en la universidad y he vuelto al español. Estoy aprendiendo hablar español y francés con fluidez.

He viajado mucho a Europe, viajo a España y Francia con frecuencia. Me gustaría trabajar con idiomas, como una traductora (en el español y el francés). Mis especialidades lingüísticas son la tecnología, el viaje (incluye los idiomas y cultura), las artes, y “la condición humana”. Anteriormente, he trabajado en el desarrollo de páginas web y enseñado la tecnología de web (por ejemplo: html, Macromedia/Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Captivate, y más). Tengo mucha experiencia

con el desarrollo de página y soy una experta en el desarrollo con WordPress. He estado usando WordPress por mas que quince años. En mi tiempo libre, me gustan leer los libros de España y Francia, cocinar y hornear, viajar a Europea, los viajes en los Estados Unidos por carretera… También, me encantan estar fuera y caminar con mi perro y mi familia. Actualmente, vivimos en Seattle. Me cae bien Seattle pero echo de menos las ciudades de Europa!

I am a seasoned web developer with over fifteen years of experience designing and developing websites for small business & individuals and over fifteen years of experience using CMS (Moveable Type and WordPress). I am also a former web technologies instructor (formerly an Adobe/formerly Macromedia certified instructor) with experience teaching small, public classes and on-site technology courses at large corporations (Mercedes, Crocs, Raytheon, etc) and government institutions such as the US Army. My childhood dream was to be an international spy, but that obviously didn’t pan out (or did it?) Instead, I’ve settled for learning many languages and traveling a lot. I am a serious polyglot and linguaphile – my favorite thing to do is learn new languages and I have an exceptional talent for picking up languages quickly. English is my native tongue. After realizing I wanted to pursue my love of languages more seriously, I decided to return to French and Spanish, both of which I have learned off an on for nearly two decades, and am currently working towards fluency. I intend to pursue work which allows me to use my language skills, such as translation.

I have also studied Arabic (MSA) for a year, speak enough German to get by, and can have basic conversations in Czech and Italian as well knowing a smattering of words and phrases in several other languages. Once I’ve gained fluency, or very close to it, in French and Spanish, I will return to Arabic. While living in Prague, I spent some time proofreading English applications, research papers, essays, etc for non-native English speakers. I have a technical, corporate, and business background which gives me a solid foundation in formal English. As a Humanities major doing Honors work at the University of Washington, I spend a great deal of my studies writing research papers and other formal works. After completion of my B.A. this Spring, I will be pursing the University of Washington’s localization and editing certifications. Lastly, while at UW my studies centered largely around theoretical immigration issues and the politics of urban spaces.

de moi: en français


Bienvenue sur mon site. Je m’appelle Nikki. Les langues du monde sont ma vie. Je suis étudiante à l’Université de Washington. J’ai été développeur front-end / Développeur intégrateur web pendant plus de 15 ans.

Not knowing it was the “second” book in a series, I recently picked up “Transit” by Rachel Cusk. Because time for (leisure) reading is has been so limited the past few years, I’ve gotten really fussy about what I’ll spend time reading. But I really enjoyed this book and tore through it in three days. (I immediately got the precursor to this story, Outline, and am chomping at the bit to dig in.) I enjoy her writing style, there’s an occasional an almost Murakami-like attention to mundane details and the overall tone – her observation of relationships – reminds me of Kundera (who I’ve always loved immensely and was actually thinking of re-reading soon.) I just wrote a brief post about my new favorite show, Killing Eve. (Seriously, go check it out. It’s so good.) I was struck by the music and began a playlist to keep track of the songs played… then wound up adding a whole bunch of old favorites that reminded me of the show. So here you go. A playlist inspired by Killing Eve.

    I enjoy photography and iPhoneography. I use Instagram (see right) though I prefer VSCO and I rarely use Instagram to take photos, only to display photos taken through other photography apps. Though I take the occasional silly coffee pic, I prefer urban spaces, nice views, and capturing moments from trips abroad. VSCO Logo