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I’m a technical writer, copy editor (technical and nontechnical), and French/Spanish to English translator with nearly 20 years of experience in web development and training. Before getting into web development, I worked in IT as help desk and database support. I was blogging before it was a “thing,” as one of the early adopters of MoveableType (long before one-click installs, when you had to install the old-fashioned way). I transitioned to WordPress shortly after, which I’ve now been using extensively for nearly fifteen years.

As a translator, my love of world languages has given me a deep understanding of how words, structure, and meaning change across various tongues. As a copy editor, learning other languages, particularly those that operate on a “case” system (German, Czech, Russian, Arabic) has demanded a solid grasp of grammatical terms and function. English is my native language; I then learned Spanish and French, picked up Czech during my three years living in Prague, studied Arabic for a year at UW, have advanced beginner skills in German, and can read Cyrillic. (I can speak very rudimentary Russian.) I can also be polite in Italian and Portuguese.
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machine translation
Spanish to English translation
French to English translation

public speaking
technical training
English language instruction
project management
technical voiceover

front-end development
database admin
eLearning applications & software
previously Adobe Certified Instructor
Adobe Creative Suite
Wordpress SEO
MailChimp/Constant Contact

Chicago Manual of Style/APA/MLA
copy editing / mechanical editing
Microsoft Word + track changes
MS Office Suite
word processing
typing 125+ wpm
technical writing: manuals

kids ‘n tech
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