Fall! Finally! It’s been all at once a lazy and busy Summer; I’m both eager and nervous for the Fall quarter to start in four days. This is the Nugget’s first year at public school (first grade! FIRST GRADE, oh my) and it’s been quite an adjustment – both schedule-wise and emotionally. (Did I mention my baby is in first grade?)

Classes start on the 28th and I’m really excited about this year. I plowed through my first two quarters at UW, studying maniacally and hell bent on keeping up my 4.0 in order to apply to the psych or neuro program. It was the last quarter of the last academic year where I finally found my niche in the CHID (comparative history of ideas) program. I need two years of a language so I’m choosing to do 4 years of something brand new (Arabic) in addition to some German. I’m also taking a class on “Language Conflict and Identity in the Middle East and North Africa” and “Sympathy for the Devil” (a fascinating-sounding class on empathy and media.) I am SO glad that I’m a fast reader because the reading load in CHID is massive! (But interesting.)

Moving on – a (German) friend recommended this movie (below) – “Barbara.” I’ve always been hooked on movies centered around the German divide and the cold war era. This movie was phenomenal and I really love Nina Hoss (who also played the kick-ass German agent on Homeland and I wish we’d see more of her!)




Dinners out, as usual – interesting table cloth patterns at an Italian place in Wallingford:


I don’t know about you, but every Winter and Spring I start fantasizing about aaaaaaaaaaaaaaall the things I’m going to do in the Summer, especially with The Kid. I swore we’d go to Seattle beaches every week and the pool… well, at least he went swimming lots during his month at Grandmom’s! As for me… yeah, yeah. When we had two weeks left until he started 1st grade, I quickly took him to the pool with a friend. Better once than not at all!


I got this beautiful (picture doesn’t do it justice) hand-painted silk scarf in Florence… it’s absolutely gorgeous and I am afraid to wear it. (I know, I know.) I’m so afraid of snagging it or spilling something. Italian souvenirs!


This kid! First grade! With so many opinions and his fascination with Teen Titans Go! (And legos… and Star Wars… and…)


I uh… yeah. I have a thing for orange, can you tell? It’s a problem sometimes. (Not really.) As I was gathering notebooks and writing utensils, getting everything ready for UW classes, I slid these pens and pencils into my new Mochi “Better Together” A5 storage thingy and had a chuckle at the insanity.



I’ve got the Bullet Journal bug. I thought it was a twee, hipster, Pinterest thing but damn, this is a useful thing. It plays nicely into my obsession with German notebooks and Japanese pencils and fountain pens. It also helped me close out the 50 tabs per three browsers I keep open daily because I want to remember so many things.
img_5655 img_5676


Ah, this girl. She’s been enjoying the end of Summer days with me while The Kid has been in school. Isn’t she a gorgeous beast? (She is.)

img_5677 img_5680


img_5747 img_5748


Of course you can’t get through one post without more pictures from the Pioneer Square area. It’s my favorite. You know this.

img_5762 img_5763 img_5775


Look! Pens that aren’t orange! (on a folder that… is.)


We finally went to check out a bakery that’s been on my radar for a long time (Coyle’s Bakeshop.) Oh, my. I get around bakeries, ya know? Pastries and bakeries and lattes are my thing. So when I tell you that Coyle’s is the best bakeshop I’ve been to in… oh, I’d say a decade or so? you better know it’s serious stuff.

img_5804 img_5806 img_5807


More souvenirs from Italy. Did you know they make port in Italy, too? Now you do.



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