mother’s day 2010

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Well.  Everyone posted about their mother’s day, so I’ll post about mine! A couple of weeks ago, we were watching Top Chef Masters and during the introduction, I yelled, “There’s


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This wasn’t intentionally for mother’s day, I just happened to read this, this morning – about how (or if) birth influences you as a mother. I don’t know, for me

Holland 28

My SECOND trip to Amsterdam was, by far, the very best & most memorable.  And you know, I did that one alone.  Just me.  No boyfriend or friend or anyone

Holland 30

I had the most perfect 30th birthday ever.  Truly.  I celebrated in Prague, smashed shots of slivovice and becherovka.  Me, some friends, and my two flatmates (who I wish I’d

picture this

I’m going through all my old photos and, in the interest of trying not to rant and complain for awhile, reposting a few and looking back on when they were

things I do when I’m not ranting or blogging

Yesterday, we went downtown right before Pike Place was closing.   (The sky was gray, it was very, very windy and it was closing in the hour – the crowds were