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I did a search for farmer’s markets on the east side* and found LOTS.  Enough that I could go to at least one (sometimes two or three) each day of

put your money where your mouth is

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I have to say, I’m pretty damned proud of myself.  I haven’t been all talk lately, but following all the practices that I claim to believe in so strongly. This

speak too soon

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I started writing that last post a couple weeks ago – and as I was writing, I kept thinking (as I often do about such things), “DON’T SAY THIS! YOU’LL

little foodie

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Nugget is – OH MY GOD – 6 months old this week.  Can I just say that, so far, this is the BEST AGE EVER.  I know it’ll continue to

mother’s day 2010

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Well.  Everyone posted about their mother’s day, so I’ll post about mine! A couple of weeks ago, we were watching Top Chef Masters and during the introduction, I yelled, “There’s


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This wasn’t intentionally for mother’s day, I just happened to read this, this morning – about how (or if) birth influences you as a mother. I don’t know, for me