die Sehnsucht

As I wrote earlier, Husband and I had decided to go to Panama in the Fall. I really felt drawn to going somewhere where I could use French or Spanish

Berlin Study Abroad – 5 senses (in Berlin!) / Journal #1

There are many aspects – sense-wise – that have been fairly universal in my European travels over the years. There’s certain smells or sensations that have been imprinted on me

Ich bin zzzzzzz….

I had been immersing myself pretty hard into German last Summer and had planned to keep going. But then I made a fairly spontaneous (and pretty fortuitous)  decision to jump

UW Berlin Study Abroad – Summer 2017

This will be the link to all of my thoughts and posts regarding the UW Berlin Honors 2017 Study Abroad Program: Negotiating Identities and Mediating Communities. Stay tuned!

Take two!

If you’ve been reading along, you may remember me talking about a study abroad program to Berlin that I had been accepted to for last Fall quarter. I wound up


Several friends tagged me in this one when it was first published on Buzzfeed. This is a thing I’m happy to be known for. *grin* 18 Tumblr Posts for People

right to left

Hey, guess what! I’m not just learning German now, I’m learning Arabic, too! I am not entirely sure how that came about other than that Arabic is another language that’s

Ein Kaffee in Berlin

Most of the German movies that I’ve been watching are older and I’ve already seen at some point – Run Lola Run (of course), The Princess & the Warrior (and

Deutsche Filme: Das Boot

As part of my personal German immersion learning, I’ve been revisiting some old German movies (many of which I’ve already seen, but didn’t pay much attention to the sound of

important words in Deutsch / coffee talk

To learn German, I spent the first month using Pimsleur (my old fallback) language cds, the “Step by Step German” book (the step-by-step series is GREAT), duoLingo, and Memrise. Being the