!ثلح كبير (big snow!)

We drove over to the mountains to give the kid some time in the snow, little did we know that we’d actually have a bona fide snow day here in

wrap up

Fall! Finally! It’s been all at once a lazy and busy Summer; I’m both eager and nervous for the Fall quarter to start in four days. This is the Nugget’s

Ocean Shores, WA


Montana, Part IV (fin)

Part I Part II Part III

Montana, part II

Second set of photos (Montana, Part I here).

Montana, part I

We’ve come to really enjoy road trips and exploring more of the Northwestern US and I’ve learned to definitely take advantage of things like Spring Break these days. So for

Sweden (almost): there’s no place like home

When I was 28, I moved to Prague (Czech Republic) and lived there for three years. I had wanted to live abroad, in Europe, for as long as I can

More Puppy Face

PNW (Tiger Mountain State Park… mostly)

Snow Angels