l’espionnage français: “Le Bureau des Légendes”

Ouais! Vous savez, j’adore les films et les émissions sur les espions et l’intrigue internationale. Devenir une espionne était mon rêve dans ma jeunesse… uff, ça l’est encore aujourd’hui! 🙂

Everything old is new again.

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Just a few bits of yammering about television.  One) American Gods. I read this book… what, fifteen years ago? And again in the time since the first read, and I


Several friends tagged me in this one when it was first published on Buzzfeed. This is a thing I’m happy to be known for. *grin* 18 Tumblr Posts for People

Deutsche Filme: Das Boot

As part of my personal German immersion learning, I’ve been revisiting some old German movies (many of which I’ve already seen, but didn’t pay much attention to the sound of


I will never, ever ever stop being a big geek.  Sometimes, when Nugget sleeps, I like to just sit and code web pages.  I love gadgets – we have big


I used to play high and mighty and brag about the fact that I didn’t watch tv. Oh no, I read and listened to NPR Podcasts and, ya know, spent

roly poly fish heads

Do you remember Turkey Television? It was a ridiculous teenage sketch comedy show from Canada that I remember watching when I was younger. All I remember about the show is