If you ever come to Seattle, I highly, HIGHLY recommend putting a stop at the Ballard Farmer’s Market on your itinerary.  It’s year-round, so no excuses. I, stupidly, have been


It’s summer.  Summer means all quiet on the blog front.  There’s a lot going on here, and yet there’s not that much.  I’ve had a bit of freelance work coming

it’s that time of year again…

… when blogs go silent & the number of daily readers plummets.  I am obviously no exception. I’m busy running around to farmers markets, collecting pick ups at my CSA*,


Well, it’s time to start planning that belated honeymoon of ours, because if we don’t… October will be here before you know it and we won’t be able to do

PT-mother f’n A

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For the millionth time in the past couple months,  kid (kid?  teen?) came a-knocking at our door, asking me to buy stuff for their fundraiser. I feel like a real

of Farmer’s Markets, Facebook, and Nihongo

I did a search for farmer’s markets on the east side* and found LOTS.  Enough that I could go to at least one (sometimes two or three) each day of

little foodie

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Nugget is – OH MY GOD – 6 months old this week.  Can I just say that, so far, this is the BEST AGE EVER.  I know it’ll continue to

mother’s day 2010

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Well.  Everyone posted about their mother’s day, so I’ll post about mine! A couple of weeks ago, we were watching Top Chef Masters and during the introduction, I yelled, “There’s


As someone who eats, and always has eaten, a tremendous amount of raw vegetables and fruit (it’s practically ALL I ate while pregnant), I can tell you that produce in

sucking the marrow from life

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Speaking of wanting to make soups and things I CAN eat if this glucose thing doesn’t go over very well next week… As you all know (or maybe not), I’m