As someone who eats, and always has eaten, a tremendous amount of raw vegetables and fruit (it’s practically ALL I ate while pregnant), I can tell you that produce in

sucking the marrow from life

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Speaking of wanting to make soups and things I CAN eat if this glucose thing doesn’t go over very well next week… As you all know (or maybe not), I’m

no sugar tonight in my coffee

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Yesterday started out great.  I finally got my ass to the chiropractor and I didn’t realize how much I’d been hurting until I left the chiro’s office to walk to

dreamer. you know you are a dreamer.

Hank said to me this morning, “Whatever you want to do tomorrow, we’ll do it.”  (Which is an odd thing to say, because, really, if either one of us every

you can’t please all of the people all of the time

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When I was a vegetarian and even when I was a vegan for a few weeks (could never give up cheese and cream for longer than that), I was never

not for the vegetarian-hearted

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My Christmas is full of funny stories, and that’s in progress.  But first: Our New Year’s Eve dinner was nothing if not decadent.  I took notes up until dessert so