Reading: The Sympathizer

I have so many books to read or that I’m in the middle of reading and texts for my research next year – but the one book I took with

Listening: Kreuzberg (playlist)

It’s been a long time since I had huge amounts of time or motivation to make playlists and really dive into listening to music. Europe is always great for that.

Music for a cold, rainy day (or several)


Last Light

I am a huuuuuuge, long time fan of Zero 7 and I’ve turned many people into fans. I was working on a couple of playlists this afternoon and one of

Ein Kaffee in Berlin

Most of the German movies that I’ve been watching are older and I’ve already seen at some point – Run Lola Run (of course), The Princess & the Warrior (and

Sidebar Songs: Rinôçèrôse “Cubicle”