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We are always runnin’ for the thrill of it, thrill of it

This was a song that Mr Nikki put on our “wedding playlist.”  I particularly love that line about running for the thrill of it.

in lieu of not saying much… a song of the day!

I’ve stopped and started a “song of the day” thing on this blog a million times over the years.  I’ve been sharing songs back and forth with my new Norwegian

no fun for you, Mr. danger

I heart Engrish.

Mi Confesión

images taken from Gotan Project website I don’t like being pressed for answers to questions that start with something like, “Name one…” or “If you could only have one/listen to

spy games

Music for playing Spy. From sneaking through a dark alley to car chases to making love with the enemy to heading home to your secret lair overlooking a slick European