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can i quote you on that?

I’m in the mood for quotes today. Lots of ’em. This little gem is new to me: Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people

now that I have confirmation

I can show this lovely place where I will be spending one full blissful week in Costa de Lisboa. I’ll be staying in The Studio, with full use of the

si, entiendo!

I’m afraid to jinx it, but I may have gotten some good news. Good enough that I can continue to look forward to Costa Rica and hopefully I will be

my America

Oh my goodness do I have stories to tell you when I have more time. I realized today: I thought the past few years of my life had been building


I’m having a much better day today – I’ve gotten over a nasty cold and am feeling rather… well, positive. I’m catching up on schoolwork… and I found a group

word of the day

To say hello in Czech: Dobry den! (Doh-bree den)