my America

Oh my goodness do I have stories to tell you when I have more time. I realized today: I thought the past few years of my life had been building


I’m having a much better day today – I’ve gotten over a nasty cold and am feeling rather… well, positive. I’m catching up on schoolwork… and I found a group

word of the day

To say hello in Czech: Dobry den! (Doh-bree den)

here’s how it is

While sitting outside on a bench eating lunch with a classmate, a little terrier came running over to us. He looked quite cute and friendly as he bounced over, seeming

it’s starting to happen

I’m becoming all-consumed with The Move. That means I might actually be posting a little less, for real this time. I’ve spent hours at the computer for the past couple

just wait till you see these pictures

Tonight, after 7 hours of lone wandering around the city, was the first time I thought, “I don’t want to go back to the flat yet, I want to stay