Seattle: ID (Chinatown-International District)

Noodle bowls and wandering in the ID (Chinatown-International District). Click any image to see full size images + gallery.

Seattle Bullitt Center

For my “City of the Future” class, we took a tour of the Bullitt Center in Seattle. I was most fascinated with the non-sewer line toilet compost system, but it

Pioneer Square / Occidental Park

Montana, Part IV (fin)

Part I Part II Part III

Montana, Part III

Part I Part II   

Montana, part II

Second set of photos (Montana, Part I here).

Montana, part I

We’ve come to really enjoy road trips and exploring more of the Northwestern US and I’ve learned to definitely take advantage of things like Spring Break these days. So for

my official last day of Winter quarter

I had two finals today, one in mid morning and the other not until mid afternoon. It was a loooooooong day. I stayed up too late making feeble attempts to

PNW (Tiger Mountain State Park… mostly)

More Scenes from Seattle