picture this

I’m going through all my old photos and, in the interest of trying not to rant and complain for awhile, reposting a few and looking back on when they were

things I do when I’m not ranting or blogging

Yesterday, we went downtown right before Pike Place was closing.   (The sky was gray, it was very, very windy and it was closing in the hour – the crowds were

chip off the ol’ block

  29.03.2010   Nikki   looking / seeing   2 Comments

See that?  The moment I took the picture, he gave me the finger.  He is SO my child.

whiter shade of pale

We hired a professional cleaning service to do a thorough, top to bottom cleaning of the house before we move in next week.  They started today, and told us that

out & about

I can’t even begin to describe how much better I feel when I just get out of the apartment.  (We’ll be moving in to the house NEXT WEEK!) This weekend

the many faces of Nugget II

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