Oh, balls

  23.01.2010   Nikki   Seattle   3 Comments

I have a husband, a baby, and a HOUSE. Hell’s minions are having a snowball fight, as we speak. We closed on Thursday afternoon, got the keys on Friday afternoon,

out & about

I can’t even begin to describe how much better I feel when I just get out of the apartment.  (We’ll be moving in to the house NEXT WEEK!) This weekend

in between days

  7.01.2010   Nikki   Seattle   4 Comments

Ok, so I’m really sick of corporate housing. It’s nice enough & all, but sometimes it hits me just how much we’ve had on our plate this past couple months


As someone who eats, and always has eaten, a tremendous amount of raw vegetables and fruit (it’s practically ALL I ate while pregnant), I can tell you that produce in

water baby

  11.11.2009   Nikki   Seattle   1 Comment

So after I, nearly last minute, decided I really, really wanted a home birth, my fabulous & amazing Doula did some scrambling and found me a midwife who is available. 


  9.11.2009   Nikki   Seattle   2 Comments

I can’t complain about Monday, ever again… Woke up this morning, Mr Nikki checked his email and found that HE GOT THE JOB IN SEATTLE.  Finally, after an agonizing two