Copy Editing / Line Editing / SEO /
Translations / Nonfiction / Technical / Style Guide Development

Member of the Northwest Editor’s Guild.

I recently completed the University of Washington’s rigorous Editing certification program. During this time, I gained experience editing fiction, online content, short and long articles, nonfiction, and short news articles. My interest in editing first came while living in the Czech Republic, where I often edited English documentation by nonnative speakers. And as a web developer, I was frequently tasked with checking and editing clients’ blog posts and page content.

Current projects include editing a 22-chapter fiction novel, in addition to regularly proofing and editing for a packaging design company.

With my background in both teaching English as a Second/Foreign Language and my own experience learning languages, I am especially well-suited to editing translations and nonnative English writing. I am proficient in French, Spanish, and German; additionally, I am conversational in Italian, Czech, Portuguese, Russian, and I studied Arabic (MSA) for a year. My knowledge of the vocabulary and grammar of these languages allows me to better grasp the intended meaning, in English, of the speakers of these languages.

I am also an avid reader of cookbooks and am an accomplished, experienced cook. I often read cookbooks in other languages and am already familiar with not just the amounts, but differences in wording and ingredients across cultures. When I first began moving towards editing, I knew immediately that I wanted to edit cookbooks!

Lastly, with 20 years of web development and WordPress under my belt, I am extremely well-versed in SEO and have an in-depth knowledge of everything tech-related.