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I came across this perfume by Heretic Parfum on the Goop website (hush now, we’re not talking about Goop here) and upon reading the description, I knew I had to have it.

Tart. Delicious and just a little naughty.
Zesty lemon, Italian Bergamot, Lime and bitter citrus leaves are sullied with sexy patchouli, Australian sandalwood, juniper and feisty black pepper.

I am HUGE fan of just about everything lemon – you should see my iPhone case. Also, I almost always have a batch of homemade limoncello in my freezer. ALSO, would you check out that box? These people get me, though personally, I have pair.

I purchased this perfume on the spot and it was not a mistake. Dirty Lemon is currently my favorite perfume and new signature scent. (Previously I had bounced between Strange Invisible’s Epic Gardenia and Fair Verona. I still love these, and most of SI’s perfumes very much, I’ve just been trying some new scents lately, for variety.) It’s very possible that I love Dirty Lemon because the lemon tones remind me of limoncello – it’s not a sharp, sour lemon but a softer, sweeter lemon. Sweet but sexy and modern. I do love scents that are smoky or have strong backbones like black pepper. “Natural” perfumes tend to be much more subtle and have less staying power than synthetic perfumes though I look for ones that don’t need to be reapplied as frequently as every hour! This one has just enough staying power – I’m of the mind that people should need to be very close to you to smell your scent. (I recently tried to use some synthetic perfumes again and I just couldn’t do it. Once upon a time they were fine, but since switching to natural scents and products a few years ago, synthetic odors give me a headache.)

Speaking of smoky – I loved this scent so much that I immediately purchased their Discovery Kit in order to sample their other scents. So far I have tried Holi Water and Cœur Noir which I liked just fine. I think I’d prefer Holi Water in a candle or even as a scent for Fall. Cœur Noir grew on me. Today, however, I tried the Jasmine Smoke which I was not a huge fan of, at first. As time wore on, I found myself feeling deeply nostalgic, taken back to my days as a child running feral through the fields and woods behind my grandmother’s house at the tail end of Summer. Dried wildflowers and the early days of leaves burning. Even further along in the day, the warm vanilla really began to shine. I think I’ll have to buy this one as well. Smoky scents get me every time.

The Discovery Kit includes ten samples, so I have seven more to go through. I’m very eager to get to the Dirty Rose and Dirty Neroli and well… here, just take my money, guys.

Jasmine Smoke, from their site: From the top you get crisp and citrusy bergamot combined with spicy, woody coriander. At its heart lies calm yet seductive jasmine absolute, and the base is a marriage of silky tonka bean, leathery blonde tobacco and singed choya ral.

* Disclaimer: I do not do sponsored posts. There would be no point – almost no one other than my ex boyfriend and, apparently, his wife read my site regularly! < insert raucous laughter > I post about things I love because I love them, the end.


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