I’m an editor and translator (French and Spanish to English). With my long history in technology, I am highly proficient in editing and translating technical documentation. But I don’t just work with technical documentation, I’ve also taught English to professional adults in Prague, Czech Republic as a certified Cambridge TESOL/TEFL instructor.

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Member of the Northwest Translators & Interpreters Society, ACES Society for Editing, and the Northwest Editor’s Guild.

Though I’ve worked as a web developer and trainer for nearly twenty years, writing and learning languages have always remained in the background. When I finally returned to school to finish my degree a few years ago, I intended to study neurobiology. An art history class reignited my passions, and I realized that it was time to pursue my passions and work towards editing, writing, and translations.

I’ve never NOT been learning a language. French and Spanish are my strongest languages, and I frequently read novels in each. I’m currently studying for the Spanish DELE language proficiency exam and the French DELF. German is my third strongest language, and I know enough  Portuguese, Italian, and Czech to be dangerous. I can also read Cyrillic and will one day get back to my Russian studies. I lived in Prague, Czech Republic for three years, where I taught English (TEFL/TESOL) and did ESL/EFL editing and localization.

I really, really love words and language, including my own lingua materna, English.

Immediately after completing my B.A., I enrolled in the UW’s editing certification program. I enrolled with the intention of making myself a better translator, but quickly fell in love with the process of editing. Twenty years of web coding have trained my eye to study details—copy editing is just like coding, but with words.

I’m an expert WordPress developer, which means I’m well-suited to web content editing and SEO. I have experience editing food packaging, email newsletters,  promotional content, and blogs. I also have a passion and intuition for editing nonfiction, ESL (English by nonnative speakers) and cookbooks. (Scroll down to see a complete list of my “areas of expertise.”)

My experience both learning and teaching languages has given me an intuitive sense for words and meaning across various tongues. It has also demanded an above average command of grammar. My areas of expertise include: technical documentation, web development, European travel, cooking and baking, yoga and “natural” wellness, nontraditional parenting and education (2e, homeschool, ADD/ADHD, etc).

In terms of editing, my strengths lie in copy editing (mechanical), line editing (flow), proofreading, and fact-checking.

The “fun” stuff: I take many pictures, especially of urban scenery and architecture during my travels abroad. I’m a self-professed flâneuse and “psychogeographer” and a great fan of “dérive-ing.” I read novels in French and Spanish. I try to spend as much time outdoors as possible with my husband, son, and dog. We travel frequently and are particularly fond of the Basque Region, both in France (Le Pays Basque) and Spain (El País Vasco).

I also love The Situationists (see: flâneuse, psychogeographer, dérive-ing), Tilda Swinton, Seattle weather, and bagging my own groceries. I bleed espresso and have the world’s biggest collection of orange lipstick.

Lastly, you can find me on Spotify, Instagram, VSCO, and LinkedIn.