I joined nanowrimo about a decade ago, but I’ve never gotten past a few hundred words. (For those who are unfamiliar, “NaNoWriMo” is National Novel Writing Month, which is November.)

I am both a realist and an eternal optimist. I’m under no delusions about making it through to 50,000 words this time around, but that won’t stop me from trying. I’ve decided to write a memoir-ish type of thing, a collection of essays, of my three years living in Prague. My style is not of the inspirational, “Eat Pray Love” type of bullshit. Though there is a lot of falling apart, relationship trauma, drinking, and making lifelong friends mixed in with the realities of navigating a life abroad. It frustrates me immensely when people write these lovely stories of moving to another country but speak very little of the practicalities. Or women who spend a mere month in some foreign country and then spend a lifetime bragging about having “lived” in Prague for a month. Listen, if you didn’t have to deal with the foreign police, the post office, or signing a sketchy lease, you did not “live” in Prague.

But I digress.

I have gone back and forth, and continue to do so, about what kind of writing to keep here on this site. As I move away from development and into translation, writing, and editing, I feel it’s important to be writing more. Plus, I want to write more. However, my writing has always been of a very personal nature and I’m not sure that potential employers need to read stories of my stripping down naked in the middle of the sidewalk in Žižkov to have drunken sex with one of my students. (It should be pointed out here that I was an English language instructor and “my students” were all professional adults.)


For the time being, I’ll focus my energies on Nanowrimo, my stories about Prague, and decide where to put them later. In the meantime, come November, you can follow along with me there through the profile “american flâneuse“. Constructive criticism always welcome!



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