v Praze

Husband arrived in Berlin the day after my program ended so that we could spend a week just enjoying Berlin together. Originally, we’d thought to go to Copenhagen for a

Ich spreche Deutsch. Ich verstehe. Wie wunderbar!

This (to the left) is a screenshot of an email I was sending to myself of things to remember to pick up at the store. For some reason, I still,


When teaching the English language, entertaining word #583 is ‘tender.’ Try explaining why you can use it to describe feelings AND meat.

‘sup doc?

Here, in the Czech Republic, “Mr. Clean” (as in the bald-headed cleaning man in the tight white t-shirt with the hoop earring) is “Mr. Proper.”

something they don’t tell you in the travel guides

Funny little thing I noticed about Prague people… In my teaching, I get sent to various companies. Many of these companies are in buildings with many floors, and have elevators.

word of the day

To say hello in Czech: Dobry den! (Doh-bree den)