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Calcio Storico! (First rule of Florence Fight Club is… tell everyone about it)

In my art history class a few quarters ago, the instructor showed us a few videos that related to the various topics we were covering in medieval art history. One

wandering Firenze



We arrived to our lovely Airbnb flat in Firenze (Florence)! A bottle of chilled Prosecco was waiting for us in the fridge which we cracked open on the terrace.

long haul

Tillamook! I was really amused to see a little package of Tillamook cheese in the meal during the flight from Newark to Munich (where we were then connecting to Florence, Italy).

jet planes and such

First leg of a trip I just returned from… SEA > PHL. And then PHL > FLR. Seemed kind of silly to be buying swag at the Philly airport when

Countdown Berlin: 165 Days (Italy: @50)

165 days until I head off to Berlin to study abroad for 10 weeks. That’s less than 6 months! I am already making lists of food ideas for Husband to give