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Berlin Study Abroad – 5 senses (in Berlin!) / Journal #1

There are many aspects – sense-wise – that have been fairly universal in my European travels over the years. There’s certain smells or sensations that have been imprinted on me

right to left

Hey, guess what! I’m not just learning German now, I’m learning Arabic, too! I am not entirely sure how that came about other than that Arabic is another language that’s

Ein Kaffee in Berlin

Most of the German movies that I’ve been watching are older and I’ve already seen at some point – Run Lola Run (of course), The Princess & the Warrior (and

important words in Deutsch / coffee talk

To learn¬†German, I spent the first month using Pimsleur (my old fallback) language cds, the “Step by Step German” book (the step-by-step series is GREAT), duoLingo, and Memrise. Being the

Ich spreche Deutsch. Ich verstehe. Wie wunderbar!

This (to the left) is a screenshot of an email I was sending to myself of things to remember to pick up at the store. For some reason, I still,

“Ich bin eine Berliner!”

I have a long post in process about some exciting things going on with school (University of Washington.) A portion of that story involves a great conversation with a previous