J’écoute d’Editors depuis 2005, quand ils ont fait leur premier CD, “The Back Room”. J’adore la voix de Tom Smith et leur musique, leurs paroles.  C’est bizarre de voir quelqu’un que j’ai écouté pendant 13 ans. Mais l’Editors sont très, très importants pour moi.

He estado escuchando a los Editors desde 2005, cuando hicieron su premier CD, “The Back Room”. Me encanta mucho la voz de Tom Smith y su música y sus letras. Es muy extraño ver a alguien que he escuchado durante 13 años. Pero los Editors son muy, muy importante a mi.

I’ve been listening to the Editors since 2005, when they released their first CD “The Back Room.” I love Tom Smith’s voice and their music, their lyrics. It’s so wild to see someone in person who you’ve listened to religiously for fifteen years. Music is deeply personal to me and I listen to A LOT. But there’s very few bands who are sacred and who I’ve clung to for so long. At the risk of sounding like an over emotional teenager, I simply don’t have the words to describe what their music has meant to me over the years. (“People are fragile things you should know by now. Be careful what you put them through.”) I have a very deep relationship with this band, the longest relationship of my life. I don’t listen to them all the time, but at least once every few months I binge… and every time I hear those first few notes of whatever song I play first, it feels like coming home, every time it feels like they are the only ones that get me. Yeah. It’s like that.

And I completely missed it, but thankfully Husband was more on top of his game than I was. He informed me that Tom (TOM!) had thrown his guitar pic into the crowd and everyone was grabbing wildly for it… but it landed in the hood of my husband’s jacket. (Really, how did I miss all this?) But now I have Tom Smith’s guitar pic. WHUT. Hours before the show, I had been grumbling about why the hell we had bought concert tickets for a “school night” – it’s hard to remember the days when I partied till dawn, ya know? But I rallied and we went for a short while – not nearly long enough to hear all the songs I wanted to hear or to hear their encore, but long enough to get a tshirt, to hear a couple of beloved songs, and for Husband to inadvertently catch a guitar pic. Not a bad few hours. (Video from Instagram and all images below are mine.)


Capital Hill at Dusk.
Tom! (Smith, of the Editors)
Editors at Neumos, Seattle

Behold. Husband’s jacket caught Tom Smith’s guitar pic.
Avoiding the opening act with drinks at a nearby bar.
End of Spring evenings in Cap Hill.


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