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I’ve been working in web development for nearly twenty years. While it’s true that I’ve moved away from tech to focus on writing and languages, I still enjoy creating websites and continue to take on occasional, small projects.

I’ve developed almost entirely in WordPress for the last decade, with and without blogs. Some of the options I’ve incorporated include (but are not limited to): Patron, MindBody, Healcode, social media, Soundcloud/iTunes/Spotify, Parallax, video embeds (Youtube, Facebook, etc), photo galleries, video galleries, paywalls, Paypal, contact forms, newsletter subscriptions, Mailchimp, Constant Contact, maps, SEO (Yoast and others), analytics, and on and on.

In addition to site development, I will happily teach you how to use WordPress and update your site.

Below is a handful of my more recent and current work.

Sattva Yoga Channel: I did not build this site, but took over maintenance once it was complete. This site includes content for members that is hidden behind a paywall. I add/delete/update video content, update and create grids (by teacher, class type, length, etc), and manage memberships.

Sattva Yoga Studios: I built this site for the yoga studio, under the Sattva Yoga name, based on the previous Sattva Yoga Online website (see below). This is a simple site built on the Genesis framework, which utilizes the Healcode/Mindbody widget for class schedules, Google maps, and a blog. The Mindbody widget allows users to search classes by class type, day, teacher, workshops, and events. For this studio, I also built a Mailchimp email newsletter template with a matching logo and navigation. (Newsletter archives can be viewed here.)

Sattva Yoga Online: This was the main hub for the umbrella company, Sattva Yoga. (This site is no longer up, as she has chosen to focus her energy on the studio and the channel). This site was a more complex version of the Sattva Yoga Studios site (see above), which included heavy use of the blog, schedules, training pages, yoga retreats, videos, etc. This site made heavy use of SEO.

Symmetry Audio: Small business website that utilizes Parallax, sound, and video embeds for each portfolio.


Suzanne Hite Yoga: Site for a small business/individual that utilizes a newsletter signup plugin (Mailchimp), blog, Instagram, and contact form.

Gravity Lift: Website for the DJ/Yoga/Inspirational duo Gravity Lift. This includes content hidden behind a Patreon paywall, Instagram, blog, embedded videos, a robust events calendar, external links, and a testimonials slider. It previous included an embedded podcast, but they chose to change it to link to the podcast on Soundcloud. This site evolves and is updated with new content frequently.

Natural Reflections Salon: This is a simple site that was primarily meant for people to find the location and get directions. It includes and embedded map (clickable to get directions), and price listings for products and services.