Bonjour! ¡Hola! Hello! Are you looking for my old blog posts? I’m currently in the process of revamping my site and cleaning up my blog. I’ve been blogging for nearly twenty years – you’d be surprised how much junk you can accumulate on a website. I’m working to present my best posts and best representation of my writing while proving that I also know quite a bit about SEO. I’ve written about everything under the sun, but my best work is on: parenting gifted/differently wired children, homeschool, European travel and experiences, living abroad, creative nonfiction/memoir, languages and language learning, food and dining, Santa Barbara, and living in Seattle.

I’ve lived in Seattle for the last ten years; before that, I lived in Los Angeles for two years, Prague (Czech Republic) for three years, and I’m from the Philadelphia area. I’d like to say that I’m a world traveler, but the truth is, almost all of my travel is within Europe. As noted, I lived and taught English in Prague for a few years. I have a unique story to tell about a month in Berlin, too. I am most familiar with the Basque region (both Spain and France), which my husband and I return to again and again.

We first went to el País Vasco for our honeymoon, and we chose it because I had asked, “Where’s the best food destination?” We live for food experiences. We have eaten our way through the Basque Region, including the Michelin Star restaurant, Arzak. We’ve also been the Alcron, another Michelin Star restaurant, in Prague. Locally, I’ve recounted more memorable dining experiences in Seattle than I can possibly count. At home, I cook and/or bake every single day.  All that is to say: yes, you can trust me to write about food. I’m pretty good with coffee, too – for the last decade, it’s been my “thing” to bring coffee beans back from every new place I encounter around the world. You can drop me in the middle of nowhere, and I will find the best place to get coffee.

The last thing I’ll mention is my love of languages. It’s a particular point of pride that I’m really, really, really good at picking up languages. Spanish and French are my strongest languages – so much so, in fact, that I’m working on a Master’s in translation. BUT! I also still know a bit of Czech from my time living in Prague. I’m teaching myself Russian and can read Cyrillic. I’ve been learning German for a few years. I took a year of Arabic at the University of Washington… and I do pretty well getting around in Italian.

So please check back or feel free to contact me while I get organized.