Translation / Languages

French, Spanish: Professional working proficiency (C1)
German: Beginner proficiency (A1)
Russian:  Elementary proficiency (Can read & write Cyrillic alphabet, basic communication)
In Progress: Certification in Translation, beginning M.A in Translation in Feb 2019 (French)

Languages are my passion, my favorite hobby, and a huge part of my life. Since I was a child, I have dreamt of being multilingual. Spanish and French are my two most familiar languages, both of which I’ve studied off and on for roughly twenty years – mostly “off” until I decided to become proficient in each by studying further at the University of Washington.

I have spent time in Spanish-speaking countries; Spain is near and dear to my heart, particularly Pais Vasco, and I have also been to Mexico a few times. I have also spent time in France, in the French Basque Region, and will be taking an immersion course in Lyon to further refine my speaking skills. I consume Spanish and French news daily and I make a point of reading French novels, listening to French music, and watching French television or film regularly.

I began studying German a couple of years ago, which I used during a monthlong study abroad program in Berlin. Having lived in Prague, Czech Republic, for three years, I picked up a fair amount of Czech. I also left UW with a year of Arabic under my belt, know some Italian, am slowly learning Russian (I’m proficient in the Cyrillic alphabet), and have learned a smattering of phrases in Portuguese, Dutch, Swedish, and Danish. I am not a person to brag, but when it comes to my language skills, I will tell you that I have an extraordinary ear and talent for picking them up.

I want to speak all the languages. However, for the purposes of my translation certification, I am focusing on French and will continue to focus on French when I begin my M.A in Translation next year. My specialities are technology (particularly web development), food/cooking, travel, and literature dealing in the human experience (think Heureux les Heureux).