Hallo. Jag heter Nikki.

editor & proofreader | watercolor & digital artist | linguaphile
español | français | italiano | svenska | deutsch

From rural Pennsylvania to Philadelphia to Prague to LA to Seattle /
now settled in Portland, Maine

about & recent editing/proofreading work


I’m an editor and proofreader with experience that spans a wide variety of subjects and industries. While all editors have (or should have) an eye for detail, mine has been called superhuman. Because of my technical background, I pick up new platforms, software, and processes easily—my greatest strength is being able to jump right in and help teams accomplish their goals quickly.

Originally from rural Pennsylvania, I’ve spent several years living in Philadelphia, Prague (Czech Republic), Los Angeles, and Seattle. Now, after two decades on the west coast, I finally moved back to the northeast with my husband, son, and two German Shepherds.

A sampling of recent work includes:

** All of the above was as a freelancer for WordOne New York