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Web Master & Content Manager | eLearning Developer | Technical Proofreader & Editor | Neurodivergent | Linguaphile

Hablo español. Je parle français. Ich spreche deutsch.
Io parlo italiano. Я говорю по-русски.

I’m neurodivergent, & I write about autism, ADHD, and other topics related to neurodiversity.

“Maybe [the ocean and I] were on the same side, comprised of the same things, water mostly, also mystery. The ocean swallowed things up–boats, people–but it didn’t look outside itself for fulfillment. It could take whatever skimmed its surface or it could leave it. In its depths already lived a whole world of who-knows-what. It was self-sustaining. I should be like that. It made me wonder what was inside of me.”

Melissa Broder, The Pisces

Recent Work

Proofreading & Editing for Word One New York

The Art of Attack: Attacker Mindset for Security Professionals by Maxi Reynolds, Aug 2021

- Remote Work Technology: Keeping Your Small Business Thriving From Anywhere by Henry Kurkowski, Oct 2021

- 8 Steps to Better Security: A Simple Cyber Resilience Guide for Business by Kim Crawley, Oct 2021