I have just completed a full academic year of Arabic. !ممتاز

I’ve been timid about writing a lot in Arabic, except when we have to write short essays and compositions for tests and the final exams. I sometimes forget that I’m capable of saying quite a bit. So, in an effort to remember all I’ve learned, I’m going to try to write more in Arabic on Facebook (since I have a couple of native Arabic speaking friends plus my totally amazing, wonderful Arabic class أسرة ! (That would be “family”. Or I should say  أسرتي عربية since it’s “my Arabic family”!)

This Summer, one of my goals is to write more in Arabic – I’d love to say that I’ll write a little bit here every day, even if it’s only a sentence or two, but that’s probably a bit too ambitious. I’ll aim to write here, in Arabic, twice a week, as much as I can. I’m concerned about forgetting all I learned over the Summer, especially since I’ll be picking up more German in Deutschland in a couple of weeks.

If any native Arabic speakers are reading, go easy on me. 🙂  Corrections are welcome – though I’m learning MSA I’m happy to learn more of the dialects, also.

That being said – Husband and I had decided that to celebrate my graduation from UW (holy crap, that’s happening next year), we were going to go back to Spain. I had wanted to go back to the Basque Region, but also to Formentera (the smallest – I think – of the Balearic Islands). Then it occurred to me…

أنا قررت أنْ أذهب إلى لبنان (بيروت) السنة قادم! يمكن في الصيف أو الكريف. (أئضاً إسبانيا!)

والدتي لن تحبَه! ولكن أظن أنّ بيروت “safe” للناس من أمريكا. عندي صديقة من لبنان وهي تقول هو “safe”. بيروت جميل. أردتُ أنْ أذهب منذ سنوات كثيرة و ما زلتُ أريد أن أسافر إلى هناك.

Translation: I decided I want to go to Beirut (Lebanon). My mother won’t like it (LOL) but I think that it’s safe. I have a friend from Lebanon who says that it is. I’ve wanted to go for many years and I still want to travel there

NOTE: I’ve found that mixing Arabic and English on the same page can be disastrous! Something to figure out…

And lest you wonder why I’d want to go to Beirut – one, I’m learning Arabic and two, take a look at these pics (on Instagram):

Happy tummies everyone #lebanon

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All Lebanese or nothing #lebanese #food

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