UW Honors Berlin Study Abroad – final reflection / project

I The Plan I went into this project wanting to study Arabic graffiti in Berlin. Having learned the Arabic language for the past year (with another year ahead), I’ve not

Berlin Study Abroad: Reading Reflection

Reading reflection for Arrival City and Figure of the Migrant 1. This was not very far into the first reading, but for me, this couple of sentences brought to mind

Berlin Study Abroad: Community Asset Map

Note: Our Community Service Partner asked us to try to go into a small shopping plaza to get opinions on his mobile furniture project. Justin & I attempted to maneuver

Berlin Study Abroad: Journal #2

Reflection on Winterreise I hadn’t really gotten into the first play that we saw at Maxim Gorki – partly because I wasn’t feeling well but also partly because I had

Berlin Honors Study Abroad – Reading Reflection #1

Reading Reflection for: Imagined Communities and Ghosts of Berlin Thoughts on Imagined Communities: This topic of “nationalism” is particularly poignant in today’s political climate especially in the United States (for

Berlin Study Abroad – 5 senses (in Berlin!) / Journal #1

There are many aspects – sense-wise – that have been fairly universal in my European travels over the years. There’s certain smells or sensations that have been imprinted on me

Berlin Honors Study Abroad: CERP revision / final

ETA: I came across this quote, while reading Arabic Graffiti, and it felt like it summed up what I’m interested in pretty clearly, particularly in regard to reclaiming public spaces. In

Berlin Study Abroad seminar – Abstract (first draft)

This is  a VERY rough draft – I still need to work and write out the details in the background, method, etc:   Note: (added 5/15/17) – I will revise

Berlin Study Abroad: Week 7 “research resources”

Review “Research Resources” and “Reading” resources sections on the blog and write up a short reflection on your blog about two resources that are helping you shape thinking thinking around

Berlin Study Abroad Seminar: Reading Reflection – week 7

While reading Educating the ‘Good’ Citizen, the middle section on the first page where the author quotes what Bill Bennet, Paulo Freire, Albert Shanker, and George Bush wrote regarding teaching ‘good citizenship’