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I’m becoming all-consumed with The Move. That means I might actually be posting a little less, for real this time.

I’ve spent hours at the computer for the past couple days researching housing, emailing groups like American Women in Prague (through yahoo), Czech bloggers I’ve found, and sending emails to housing agencies over there – giving them my specifications and asking for help.

I’ve spent hours going through my cds and listing them on for sale.

Hours thinking about what gets boxed up, thrown away, or kept out for suitcases.

Now I’m dealing with the car situation – tomorrow I’ll be going to the dealer to ask about the oil pan w/ gasket that I need, as well as “can my oxygen sensors be cleaned or will I have to shell out $500 to have them replaced?” (so that I can get the car inspected, now overdue, and on the market for sale).

I have emails to catch up on, more lists to make, panic attacks to have and fantasies to create.

And I still have to find time for the gym.


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