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I don’t know why, but I get absurdly happy (je suis heureuse!) over stationary products – notebooks, pencils, erasers. It seems to be a “thing” though, so I’m not so odd. (This entire post will probably seem ridiculous to all but those who share my love of stationery and writing utensils.)

I used to obsessively insist upon using pens, not pencils, for everything. I resented being told to “bring a pencil” for exams and the like. (We could read into and and say something about determination or putting things in ink but one, I generally hate being forced to commit to anything and two, I think I just hated how pencil smudged so much.) In any case, a few years back in college has made me a fan of pencils. Actually, I think it’s a couple years of actively learning languages again that made me a fan of pencil – I constantly need to correct myself.

Cutting off what could easily become a long, rambling tangent – I just spent forty-five minutes on CW Pencils looking for erasers. I use fancy Japanese mechanical pencils and you wouldn’t believe how quickly I wear down the erasers. I looooooove mechanical pencils. However, having perused a vast selection of fancy erasers made in Italy, Denmark, Germany (yup, it’s a thing), I found myself purchasing set of “Backyards and Gardens of Portugal” scented pencils and a couple of other regular, non-mechanical pencils, and then some small sharpeners. It’s amazing how quickly I fall down the rabbit hole.

Some purchases (sharing only because I’m procrastinating and because they’re pretty – all images from CW Pencil website and link back to their products. This is only a small handful of my loot.):



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