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A former blogger that I loved (and still do) posted a link to … oh, heck, I don’t even remember the original link. It was a link to something regarding Paris which sent me down an amazing rabbit hole for a good hour or two. I am not particularly obsessed with Paris – je n’apprendes pas le français parce que je veux voyager à Paris ou en France. J’apprendes le français parce que c’est une langue très importante. Beaucoup d’Arabes parlent français et it’s an official language of the UN and thanks to the dark history of colonialism, it is spoken in many countries. However, it doesn’t hurt to be learning a language of a country which has some of my favorite things… le fromage (well, all dairy products, really), chocolate, coffee, and my love of pastries is legendary around here.

I am also currently hard at work on my senior thesis / capstone project for my studies at UW which has to do with the idea of the flâneur defined by privilege. The flâneur is a French word and “originated” in France (thank you, Baudelaire) so I also enjoy finding things related to urban spaces in Europe (my project is also focused on European urban spaces and American fetishization going to Europe to “flâner”).

So during my fall down the urban French rabbit hole this afternoon, I came across the Instagram and websites of Thibau Rassat. I’m sharing here because it’s worth sharing and I’m going to start posting all the cool things I find HERE, on my usual website, that I can’t work into my thesis project. I absolutely love his work and it’s further inspiring me to pick up some sketching classes again once I’m done at UW.



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