Too Many Shiny Objects

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It’s about to get really personal up in here… err… there. I’ve got a few projects in the works that I am really, really, really excited about. If you’ve known

stationery / los articulos de papelería / des fournitures de bureau

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I don’t know why, but I get absurdly happy (je suis heureuse!) over stationary products – notebooks, pencils, erasers. It seems to be a “thing” though, so I’m not so

heureux les heureux

I have found knowing Spanish and my limited knowledge of Latin to be incredibly helpful in learning French. I was afraid that I’d mix Spanish in French frequently and struggle

je practique le français

I am going to *try* to get into the habit of writing some posts in French before each test, using the vocab and grammar from the unit. I write a

chansons préférées

I first heard this song as part of a mix that I stumbled on while I was in Berlin for a month this Summer. It’s  a great continuous mix but

la musique française / Pink Martini

In my quest to reach C2 level in French by the end of 2018, I’ll be spending a lot of time going back to old favorite French songs and musicians,