long haul

Tillamook! I was really amused to see a little package of Tillamook cheese in the meal during the flight from Newark to Munich (where we were then connecting to Florence, Italy).

jet planes and such

First leg of a trip I just returned from… SEA > PHL. And then PHL > FLR. Seemed kind of silly to be buying swag at the Philly airport when


A friend suggested we check out Intrigue Chocolate the last time I was around Pioneer Square. Oh, my. I left with a couple boxes of truffles that I would LIKE

Pioneer Square

more Pioneer Square / Occidental Park / London Plane

Because you know how much I love not just being here but taking pictures…

Summer(y) scenes

A Cupcake Royale seasonal ice cream flavor – Preserved Lemon Ice Cream (with sprinkles, of course!) I do not do “gluten free”, no way, no how. Spring quarter is over

Seattle: Westlake Park

We spent some time during a class at Westlake Park – some fellow students and I kind of went a little bonkers over the stuffed fish waffles. Not “fish waffles”

images from Pioneer Square

Seattle: ID (Chinatown-International District)

Noodle bowls and wandering in the ID (Chinatown-International District). Click any image to see full size images + gallery.

Seattle Bullitt Center

For my “City of the Future” class, we took a tour of the Bullitt Center in Seattle. I was most fascinated with the non-sewer line toilet compost system, but it