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Husband and I like to occasionally take an afternoon to romp around downtown Seattle – we really enjoy this city and our “favorite neighborhood” is constantly changing as we discover new things. Most recently, we (re)discovered Pioneer Square – particularly a couple of shops down there that I love. So when he said we were […]

I haven’t posted any pictures in ages, though I’ve been taking thousands.  And I still have to post about my incredible Michelin Star restaurant/Spain experience… Sigh. And there was Thanksgiving – we picked up our pastured turkey at the farm (it had just been killed and processed super early that morning). Of course, the gizzards […]

We just got back home, tonight, after our two weeks away – One week in Spain (San Sebastian, Guernica, Bilbao, Pamplona) and Holland (Amsterdam, Haarlem) book-ended by a week at my parents, who watched Nugget while we were away.  I have 900+ photos to go through, clean up and post and tales to tell.  My […]

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