oh_boy_2013_1Most of the German movies that I’ve been watching are older and I’ve already seen at some point – Run Lola Run (of course), The Princess & the Warrior (and old favorite), Das Boot, Europa Europa, etc. I was really excited to come across a newer one that I haven’t seen – “A Coffee in Berlin”. It’s a new favorite. The best way I can think of to describe it is if Jim Jarmusch’s artistic German doppelgänger made a movie that was a cross between Frances Ha and Coffee & Cigarettes. The latter was ok – I really only remember and enjoy two parts (Bill Murray Bill Murray and the one with the woman who keeps protecting her coffee from the waiter who continuously tries to top her off. Having the perfect coffee/cream ratio, man – I was right with her.) And I just love the quirky former.

I highly recommend this movie. I love movies like this (versus the old classics) because I enjoy listening to the German and picking up colloquialisms and slang though the movie itself was excellent. And oh – Tom Schilling. Er ist sehr schön, ja?



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