Over my Spring Break, the family and I went to Palm Springs. Husband and I had been there before – pre marriage, pre kid – and had good memories of Joshua Tree and hotels with hot springs. Having returned a decade later, I have to say that Palm Springs itself is underwhelming (though staying at a hotel with a pool and getting some sun after a Seattle winter was A-ok.)

The surroundings of Palm Springs, however, are fan-fucking-tastic. Joshua Tree, por supuesto, is incredible. This time, we went on a tour of a Windmill farm (surprisingly a great time and The Kid loved it). Most importantly, we finally made our way down to the Coachella Valley because I’d been wanting to see the Salton Sea since our first trip ten years ago and then I realized Salvation Mountain and Slab City were in the area. I’m not going to attempt to describe Salvation Mountain, Slab City, and East Jesus here – I’ll just share visuals. I HIGHLY recommend googling and I am so glad that The Kid gets a chance to see things like this.


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