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more scenes from the desert

You definitely get to see things from a whole new perspective when you return to sites seen with kids. The Nugget loved climbing and all the wild rock formations (Skull Rock!) and the giant cacti. We also stopped to see the Cabazon Dinosaurs which, I didn’t find out until after is actually part of a creationist museum! That part of the place was shut down for renovations so we only got to see the creepy dinosaurs. (Even had we known ahead of time that it was a creationist museum, we’d still have gone. But wait, you say – they have dinosaurs, how can it be creationist? Apparently they show the dinos and then have all sorts of stuff to dispel the idea of them within the museum.) Also: Remember Pee Wee’s Big Adventure? These are those dinosaurs. (These photos are from the Cabazon Dinosaurs AND a few from within Joshua Tree.)

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