Take two!

If you’ve been reading along, you may remember me talking about a study abroad program to Berlin that I had been accepted to for last Fall quarter. I wound up

!لحَمْد لله‎‎ا

لحَمْد لله‎‎ا means “Alhamdulillah!” which literally means “praise God!” “God” figures quite largely within the Arabic language, but I (and many Arabic speakers) are atheists so in that case it’s an

الموسيقى العربية

These past couple weeks I’m consciously realizing that I need to begin to immerse in the Arabic language. As I’ve had to choose classes for the Winter quarter, I’ve decided that

اللغة العربية

اللغة العربية School is rough going this quarter. I was so excited about my classes last quarter – well… if I think about it, I was really excited about ONE


That word up there is “coffee”, btw. A very important word, always but also one that took me some time to get accustomed to in my Arabic vocabulary. Someone asked

Ich spreche Deutsch. Ich verstehe. Wie wunderbar!

This (to the left) is a screenshot of an email I was sending to myself of things to remember to pick up at the store. For some reason, I still,

“Ich bin eine Berliner!”

I have a long post in process about some exciting things going on with school (University of Washington.) A portion of that story involves a great conversation with a previous

my official last day of Winter quarter

I had two finals today, one in mid morning and the other not until mid afternoon. It was a loooooooong day. I stayed up too late making feeble attempts to

Winter Quarter

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First day of Winter Quarter today – back at it! If there is one thing to ever be known about me, it’s that I go at things full force. “Balls

Golgi Stains