die Sehnsucht

As I wrote earlier, Husband and I had decided to go to Panama in the Fall. I really felt drawn to going somewhere where I could use French or Spanish and we’d love to try somewhere new. We were set. Then several weeks ago, someone wrote me asking if a friend of theirs could email me for recommendations of where to eat, things to do in Berlin. I first said that I’m no expert on Berlin as a whole, but ask me about Kreuzberg and Neukölln, these neighborhoods are in my heart.

I then rattled off a list of places I loved during my month there and found myself feeling overwhelmingly heartsick for Kreuzberg. (It was a list of places that I still need to talk about in-depth here.) So there’s a very good possibility we’ll do Berlin instead. OF COURSE, because when do my first round of plans ever stick? We’re not even going to try to decide right this moment, we’ll wait and see how we feel when we’re ready to book tickets but I’m pretty hell bent on the Halloumi at my favorite Lebanese joint around the corner from the hostel where I stayed… and spending a couple of hours sitting on the river at my favorite café, Populus.

In honor of the year anniversary of my time in Berlin, I made a new playlist reminiscent of what I listened to and the moods of my time there. Ich habe das Fernweh… Berlin, Ich vermisse dich so sehr!

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