en écoutant: new music

I’m a voracious consumer of music. I check out my “Discovery” playlist from Spotify every week. Often, they recommend songs or artists to me that I’ve already had in rotation

die Sehnsucht

As I wrote earlier, Husband and I had decided to go to Panama in the Fall. I really felt drawn to going somewhere where I could use French or Spanish

Lydia Ainsworth /

Every so often, Spotify really hits the mark with it’s Discovery playlist of suggestions for me. This morning I heard “The Road” by Lydia Ainsworth and it’s been stuck with


This playlist is special and takes me back to my month in Berlin the moment those first notes of “White Foxes” play. I was able to walk a lot –

Listening: Kreuzberg (playlist)

It’s been a long time since I had huge amounts of time or motivation to make playlists and really dive into listening to music. Europe is always great for that.

Music for a cold, rainy day (or several)


Age of Consent: music

“Age of Consent” is an old, beloved favorite and I love Geographer. So I think this cover is sublime.


I used to share lots of music on all my old blogs – a habit I definitely need to get back into. I was enjoying this one earlier today –